Do something for yourself. Make the first step in a funny and joyful way.

I believe that learning in practice is the great way to get new skills or increase an existing knowledge. I like working in a smaller group of people, where is an opportunity to create interactive, cooperative and more personal way of learning. It’s a nice working place when any one contributes a part of her/his energy for a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Workshop: Making natural cosmetics

One of my great passion is definitely making my own natural cosmetics. It was MY FIRST STEP I took toward natural kind of living in the past. And it’s worth it, believe me. Why? I can share with you some of feelings and findings from my creative experience to give you a better picture.


Not only natural but also simple environment friendly lifestyle is my biiiiiiiig interest (and a challenge at the same time). This is not just an interest in buying or making natural products, but also living in a more natural way. Not only talking, but actually living my values. Walk as you talk.