Workshop: Natural way of living

Not only natural but also simple environment friendly lifestyle is my biiiiiiiig interest (and a challenge at the same time). This is not just an interest in buying or making natural products, but also living in a more natural way. Not only talking, but actually living my values. Walk as you talk.

I like any kind of natural products, tasty and healthy organic food and even kind and warm relationships. Who does not like that? Yes, I know, we all do 😊 Walking as you are talking means you make your own creation of natural kind of living. Simple as that. How does it look like natural living nowadays? Is it possible to live more naturally in our usual urban life styles and even taking some more environment friendly steps? How can it be joined with too many daily routines and habits we all have?

My natural living is highly connected with minimalism. It’s my personal choice close to my inner values. Feeling freedom in creating my personal choice and style with my tempo in my own way of natural living. The most important is to realise that my personal style could not be yours.

Not only making changes in our life style but having fun at the same time is really important to be aware of! Fun, fun and fun 😊 When you decide to change something as your free personal choice, you easier make first step. I don’t like to get exact instructions how I can change something in my life. Mostly it’s hard just to copy other lives or instructions to change some habits, I don’t believe in such success. We are all somehow connected, but definitely staying different and unique as a personality with particular history and experiences what should be respected.

If you desire and are looking for a way to live more simply, naturally and less toxic, you can find my personal story interesting. I can share with you some of my experiences and show you my list of new habits. But be aware of that even you can be inspired in making your unique NATURAL STEPS – with your total responsibility 😊

Remember everything should be done with fun and with easy steps, especially natural kind of living. This should not be a serious task. Rethink and become part of this fun, help to increase a power of natural living. Become Izistep.

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