Workshop: Making natural cosmetics

One of my great passion is definitely making my own natural cosmetics. It was MY FIRST STEP I took toward natural kind of living in the past. And it’s worth it, believe me. Why? I can share with you some of feelings and findings from my creative experience to give you a better picture.

Time to change your home scent

First of all it’s a simple and great feeling of making and using my own natural and beauty products. Everybody has a desire to create something, at the end the reward is usually a particular satisfaction and confidence. It’s the same with creating your own natural cosmetics. It’s a big chance for you, while many daily beauty products can be replaced with your own one. If only one of them could be replaced with your natural version, you would do a great job!

Take care of yourself

Of course, I also need to mention the second reason of making my own natural cosmetic being so much important for me. Most of all I wanted to avoid harmful or toxic ingredients in daily cosmetics as much as I could. I wished to use only natural ingredients with intention to keep my skin well and naturally moisturized and nourished. It meant also using the best for me and for my skin, what was actually taking care of me and my health.

Take care of your family and friends

Does it sound familiar to you? Do you also want to make YOUR FIRST STEP toward your pure natural creations of cosmetics? Making some of them for yourself or for your family? Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I especially like to take care of my family and friends with making them pure natural cosmetics!

Your motivation is just enough

Considering the workshop of making natural cosmetic you can easily learn about the basic principles and techniques of making your own natural cosmetics like creams, balms, lip balms, face masks, soaps and even eye mascara. You get a practical knowledge of making any kind of these products. You don’t need any prior knowledge. The only thing you need is your motivation to get a new experience and learn something new what you find important for yourself. Your motivation is just enough to make an easy step to your new adventure and your new natural kind of living.

The magic scent of nature

Still need to mention you another fact that gave me a special »nose« experience and made me crazy about the magic scent of nature. I’m talking about the wonderful natural essential oils which profoundly and positively affect your emotions and mood. In the workshop you get to know with safe and useful usage of natural ingredients, even with high concentrated essential oils. Natural ingredients in cosmetic products can be excellently combined with natural essential oils which make beauty products even more effective and healing. At the end of the workshop you take home your balms and body butters, facial oils and body oils, natural soaps made by yourself and scented in the way you love the most.

Natural hair dying with henna and other herbal powders

As a part of natural cosmetic I find also natural hair dying. We all know how much damage for the hair and even health can make synthetic hair colors. If we use them for years, sooner or later we notice a less attractive difference in the structure and thickness of the hair.

Luckily there is more and more increasing offer of different herbal powders in our shops. Most commonly known is henna. We can make a beautiful hair dying with using these natural powders in combination with henna. Beside that there are also amla, cassia, indigo and hibiscus. Using natural hair dying with taking herbal powders will boost your hair and hair scalp with healthier look and shine. Your hair will become stronger, more silky, shiny and get even a protection from UV rays. Not only for hair dying, some of herbal powders can also be used as face or body masks, can you imagine?

I can help you to make a step in a world of natural dying with herbal powders including henna and show you how efficiently and attractive is a usage of these herbs to get a hair color you wish to have. Your hair will be definitely grateful for making you a step to healthier hair dying and natural kind of living 😊

If you are interested to learn something new, you can look for workshops termins here.