Vegetable (plant) oils occur naturally in plants of all kinds. The oil is derived from different parts of plants through (cold) pressing the seeds, nuts, and kernels of plants to release the fat containing oil. It’s should be mentioned that these oils form the foundation of most natural skincare products.

Our skin is the biggest and the most exposed organ, which needs greater attention, specially during the summer. Give it a bottle of water 😊

Anyone who lives a zero waste lifestyle can tell that the habits and skills they’ve adopted aren’t trendy at all. Zero waste living si more old-fashioned than trendy. Ask your parents and gradparents, who can easily line up zero waste principles with the habits they were used to live in the past.

Henna is one of the world’s oldest natural dyes with typical red orange pigment (lawsone). It’s been used to dye hair, fingertips or soles. Always with a reason to preserve health and beauty or to use it as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Essential oils are a source from nature with divine smell. They are natural plant extracts derived mainly through distillation from plants of all kinds. They contribute to holistic health and wellness, and have significant skincare benefits.

My enthusiasm of using reusable, homemade shopping bags is so big, that has become mania. I’m not joking at all. My shoppingbag mania is so funny and practical.

Natural way of living is a simple living. It’s sustainable and minimalistic at the same time. It takes care of nature, ourselves and each other. It takes care with responsibilities. Roussseau would say ‘back to nature’, for instance.

I remembered I did not like much soaps in the past. I did not like the dry feeling on the skin after washing the soap from my body. I usually took it only for handwashing, but still stayed sceptical for my bodywashing. Since that time it has changed a lot in my mind. Good old fashioned soap has become my daily choice.

I learnt to increase awareness of naturalness and simplicity. Firstly, I realised that developing the inner naturalness means being in tune with inner needs and feelings. And secondly, I realised it’s also important not to forget to follow them. This could be sometimes a bigger challange.

Rosehips are well known red berries growing on bushes full of small thorns and more likely on egdes of forest or meadow. They grow in most countries and can be sometimes easily missed. Let’s get in touch with rosehips just to remember what offer us.

It’s been a long time ago since I thought that using face oils would make my face skin (more) greasy. After using it regulary I’m convinced now, it gives even better effect on my skin as I thought. My skin is not greasy at all, but it looks even more nourished and moisturized.

A greener skincare approach has become during the past years a noticable trend or movement of increasing natural skincare products in every single market on the planet. Number of people switching to natural beauty routine have noticed a remarkable positive experience on their skin. What make them convinced to continue with natural beauty movement.

My story started five years ago when I visited a workshop in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for making natural creams. I have to be honest and admit you I did not expect much of it. In that time I didn’t know anyone who would make or use homemade natural cosmetic. I also didn’t have any expert cosmetic knowledge. So it was completely new for me.