My name is Simona Pekolj and I enjoy to motivate and inspire people for making new steps toward natural living. We can take a first step together, because the following ones are much easier.


As a founder of IZISTEP to Natural Living  you can recognize me like a real passionate person about everything, what is natural. Besides making natural cosmetic IZISTEP, I try to live naturally in any possible way with a focus to act kind to enviroment. It could be harder, if I did not try to combine everything in a funny way with lots of heart beat 🙂

Living in a more natural and responsible way gives me a sparkling energy, creativity and a big sense of everything, what I was, I am and I still will be. I love a curiosity and neverending learning. At the same time, I try to live my own values – walking as talking. The last but not  less important is the fact, that I respect honesty which always create or boost a real positive energy in a supportive way.


My IZISTEP journey

Everything began in Slovenia, where I was born and grew up surrounded with my dearest and got many precious life experiences. After my study I became a real working girl, more serious and busy as I had ever been before. Being occupied with my job did not give me any satisfaction. My intrepid spirit guided me tirelessly, untill  I finally discovered my true passion.

One passion gave me a schooling from social responsibility and sustainability, the other was discovered with studying organic skincare science. These two passion led me to start experimenting with different botanicals to develop truly natural products that would powerfully nourish and care for the skin.

Being based in Czech Republic since 2018 has given me opportunity to continue my professional path and build new business and personal relationships. Every day I enjoy to reach people through nature – sharing the nourishing IZISTEP natural cosmetic and the natural life style, which both offer real overwhelming benefits.


What is IZISTEP to Natural Living?

Firstly, it’s a collection of natural beauty products that is thoroughly created to address different face or body skin issues. It’s a range of skin products for daily use, where additional botanicals are intentionally combined to create a harmony to improve skin condition.

Based on a botanical science and experiences, natural cosmetic IZISTEP truely cares to give the best from nature to condition, nourish, moisturize, and hydrate the skin. And finally, it helps to bring the nature not only on your skin, but also into your home.

Secondly, IZISTEP is also a practice of sharing knowledge through workshops of how to make natural cosmetics. At the end of any course people have an opportunity to become a confident makers of their own natural cosmetic.

Finally, IZISTEP is a bigger concept. It’s a way of living. In my case natural way of living. What actually means? A list can be quite long, but mentioning only few of them will embrace the whole point: simple, health conscious and green living perspective; valuable living style, things, and relationships that match you; last but not least becoming more authentic self.

A natural way of living is closer to our authentic needs that limits our consumption and build lives that feel good, not look good 🙂

What are IZISTEP values?

The core values of IZISTEP are mutually connected in a supportive way. IZISTEP believes that »less is more« (simplicity). It appreciates natural ingredients to get best results for skin care (natural). It supports honesty, clarity and openness with no unrealistic claims or generalizing (authenticity). It uses recycable or reusable packaging (earth conscious). Products are made in small batches to keep ingredients fresh (freshness).

Finally, natural cosmetic made by a hand process with a personal approach holds all energy of love of maker, who follows the intention to create a nourishing and conditioning products for everybody in a most natural way (creativity & personal).

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