My name is Simona Pekolj and I enjoy to motivate and inspire people for making new steps toward natural living. To take a first step together because the following ones are much easier. Believe me:)

My passion for never ending learning

I’m passionate about everything what is natural! I like natural cosmetics, fresh, organic food and warm, kind relationships. I’m doing my natural cosmetics, living naturally as much as I can and being friendly to environment. I try to combine everything in a funny way with lots of heart beat. Living in a more natural and responsible way gives me a sparkling energy, creativity and a big sense of everything, what I was, I am and I will be. I love curiosity and never ending learning. I love to live my own values. I love honest people, honest words and shaking hands, which boost good and positive energy. The whole life is a big creation. That’s why it could be natural, ethical, sustainable and honest one!

My roots and experiences

I was born in Slovenia, exactly in Ljubljana. I was growing there, meeting and getting new friends. My neighbourhood was a big playground for me, where I was having fun and living firmly connected with my friends. Later we all went to study, I chose history, sociology of culture and later continued with marketing. After my study I became a working girl, more serious and busy as I’ve ever been. Being occupied with my work did not make me satisfied. I started to search for me a more meaningful way of living. I joined different interesting programs and courses to extend my existing knowledge and find a ‘bigger meaning’. Two of them were actually ‘bingo’ for me. One was schooling from social responsibility and sustainability, the other was making natural cosmetics and aromatherapy. Since then my story has truly changed and get a different meaning.

Moving to Czech Republic

In the beginning of 2018 I moved with my partner to Czech Republic. Now I’m here and simply continuing with forming my life story in a foreign country in Zlin. I’ve become a stranger, but natural kind of living gives me an opportunity to reach people in a way which is common for anybody. My English is currently the only tool to communicate with people, but learning Czech language is so great and giving me more and more potential to speak widely.

(Looking forward for everything what touches me on my path to natural living.)

From my blog „My natural kind of living“

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